Tip of the Day #82: Visit the Target Wedding Registry Event Thursday, January 22!

Tip of the Day #82: Visit the Target Wedding Registry Event Thursday, January 22!

Calling all tri-state area brides!  This Thursday, January 22, Target is hosting a special wedding registry event for newly engaged couples at an exclusive property in Manhattan!

Each couple in attendance will receive a $25 Target gift card as they enter, and $25 Target gift card on the way out for a total of $50 from Target!

The evening will include drinks and hors d’oeuvres!  Kevin Denton from Alder and wd-50, Emily Henderson from HGTV, celebrity cook Ana Quincoces (RHOM), and Brooklyn photographer Melissa Dilger will all be doing demos and interacting with guests throughout the night!  The well-known 400 West property has been redecorated with Target decor and products, all which are marked with bar codes, so couples can scan and add items to their registry, creating a fun and interactive event!

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Don’t miss out, RSVP here!

TargetRegistry2015_Twitter_FacebookPoster_640x945 (1)


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