Tip of the Day #62: Top Wedding Trends for 2013 – What’s In and What’s Out

Tip of the Day #62: Top Wedding Trends for 2013 – What’s In and What’s Out

We can happily report that the one projected trend that will remain for 2013 is a break from tradition with a focus on adding a personal touch to each and every wedding!  After consulting with the wedding gods, we have come up with a list of what’s “in” and what’s “out” in 2013.  No vibrant images, no frills, just cold, hard written predictions.

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 2.37.39 PM

In: Locally grown fare and seasonal vegetables served in interesting new ways
A focus on incorporating dishes from a bride and groom’s cultural heritage
Artisanal cocktails & Tequila drinks
Out: Bite-size Everything
Emphasis on Comfort Food
Signature “Couple” drinks

In: Multiple Mini cakes
Serving an assortment of desserts
Homemade desserts and pies featuring local and regional ingredients
Absence of cake!  Dessert bars with a wide variety of offerings appeal to discerning palettes
Out: Overly opulent multi-tier cakes
Theme cakes (Cakes crafted in the shape of a couple’s beloved dog, favorite hobby, etc.)

In: Interesting necklines (sleeves, off-the shoulder, a-symmetrical)
Layered fabric
Peplum waist gowns
Pops of color (gold, silver, blue)
1920s inspired fashion
Laser Cut accents to replace traditional lace
Flower crowns
Varying bridesmaid dress styles and prints from non-bridal dress designers
Fifty shades of “…INSERT COLOR!…” for bridesmaids.  Pick a color, leave the style and design to your best girls!
Floor length bridesmaid dresses
Runway dresses & shopping by designer
Birdcage veils
Cowboy boots, sneakers and other alternative footwear for brides and bridesmaids

In: Art Deco design and decor
Incorporating mixed metals including copper, silver and gold design elements
Interesting patterns & textures in linens
Laid back lounges with furniture in mixed materials
Out: Shabby chic and overly girly/romantic design
Overuse of monograms and wedding “branding”
Sleek “clubby” lounges with white sterile furniture

In: Neutrals; gray, blush pink, mint, cream
Out: Deep reds, purples, pinks and stark white

In: Custom illustrations and personalized invitations
Textured & metallic paper accents
Interesting envelope liners
Vintage stamps
Out: Matchy-matchy paper suites
Cookie-cutter formal invitations
Custom stamps that match invitations (think Zazzle)

In: English Garden  a la Downtown Abbey
A return to “minimalist chic” with opulent florals taking a backseat to interesting candlelight and decor accents
Vegetable and backyard garden inspired bouquets
Bridesmaid bouquets each featuring one type of flower; a bridal bouquet with elements of each of her bridesmaid’s flowers combined
Out: Over-designed and fussy tall floral centerpieces
Brooch and non-floral bouquets

In: De-constructed photo booths set in front of interesting backdrops
Late night food trucks featuring gourmet fare
Out: Traditional photo booth structures with props
Flash mobs and choreographed dances performed by the bridal party

In: Electric violins
Incorporating interesting musical instruments into modern day music
Shift from DJs to bands overall
Out: String quartets and harpists

In: Natural candlelight and amber washes(most universally flattering tones for all skin tones)
Out: Vibrant color washes like blue and purple; save it for the galas!

In: Edible favors (Secret family cookie recipe?  Homemade treats are always a plus!)
Seasonal Treats (hot cocoa & mittens for winter, chilled lemonade and mini fan for the summer)
Hangover helpers (You know your guests want them!)
Forego favors overall in lieu of a donation to the couple’s favorite charity (Giving back is always in style!)
Out: Useless nicknacks; anything branded for your wedding day

In: Alternative venues like camp grounds, farm houses, personal estates, warehouses and rooftops; expect the unexpected!
Out: Ballrooms and country clubs

In: Pinterest will reign supreme as the primary source for wedding inspiration and idea sharing.  Single ladies, we love the idea of creating Pinterest wedding boards for your future nuptials, but, whatever you do, steer clear from naming your albums “One Day” or “A Girl Can Dream.”  #CrazyCatLadyInTraining
Creating a signature #Hashtag on Instagram for guests to tag and share photos at your wedding
Out: Over sharing every detail of your planning process!  Limit your engagement, wedding and honeymoon photos to 3 albums and enjoy the one-on-one time with your mother planning behind the scenes.  #EnoughAlready

In: Hands-on brides taking on a DIY approach; “My wedding, my way!”
Shift from a focus on wedding magazines to Pinterest for inspiration
Out: Flashy “celebrity” wedding planner dictating style and design trends

In: Personalized vows (Always a wedding “do!”)
Nondenominational wedding officiants
Throwing wedding “rules” out the window!  It’s your day, do your own thing (no matter how weird, unpopular or non-traditional!)
Out: Bouquet and garter tosses

What are your thoughts?  Love the list?  Hate it?  Weigh in on YOUR predictions for 2013 weddings and what you hope to see more or less of in the coming year!


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