Tip of the Day #60: Incorporate Elements of Pantone 2013 Color Emerald Into Your Wedding

Tip of the Day #60: Incorporate Elements of Pantone 2013 Color Emerald Into Your Wedding
Pantone named Emerald the color of 2013 after last year’s poppy and bright “Tangerine Tango.”  To us, the most memorable wedding design incorporates modern, trendy design elements paired with classic styling.  Enjoy our tips for an Emerald wedding that will leave guests green with envy {har, har, har}.
Wedding Fashion
A simple way to incorporate Emerald into wedding fashion is to have bridesmaid wear Emerald dresses and/or Emerald colored shoes.  Varying dress cuts and styles keep the dress designs fresh.  Another great way to incorporate accents of the color of the year is through Emerald colored drop earrings and jewelry.  For the gentlemen, Emerald ties, socks and pocket squares are a perfect accent and pop of color.
emerald-green-bridesmaid dresses-16
Wedding Design & Decor
Moss and grass accents in varying shades of green are a natural ombre compliment to Emerald.  Brides can incorporate crisp white linens and wooden farm tables to create a fresh and earthy table design with Emerald design accents.  Silver and wrought iron centerpieces and furniture add a modern vibe to Emerald table designs as well.
Another great option to incorporate Emerald into your wedding is to pull from the natural complimentary colors in a peacock feather.  The beautiful green, blue and purple jewel tones make for a stunning and sophisticated color palette.
Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 11.33.43 AM
Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 11.44.18 AM
Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 11.19.58 AM
Paper Products
A few of our favorite color combinations that marry well with Emerald include pale pink, cobalt blue, white and tan.  The invitations below are a great example of complimentary uses of the bold colors.  Similar to the precious gemstones, make your Emerald wedding design unique, memorable and bold!

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