Tip of the Day #49: Lights, Lights Baby

Tip of the Day #49: Lights, Lights Baby

After a summer filled with weddings and Facebook updates about friends of friends’ weddings, the one take away that has stuck out in my mind more than anything else is that poor lighting at a wedding can completely ruin wedding photos and the “vibe” of a wedding.  Although lighting is probably the last thing on a bride’s list of to do’s for her wedding, it is an essential component to a beautiful soiree.  Take a peek at the comparison pictures below — lighting truly does make all the difference.

Less Than Stellar Wedding Lighting…

Dramatic, Flattering Wedding Lighting…

Here are a few of my tips for creating the perfect setting for a wedding.

*Pin spot lighting focused on centerpieces and/or other features such as a cake table help to add drama and create a central focus and dramatic “spotlight” on each table

*For a few hundred dollars, you can create a Gobo (stencil projected over light source) to create a wall or ceiling filled with an image similar to the tree design above.  If you are branding your wedding with a monogram or motif, you can have a custom gobo created to “brand” your wedding.

*Color matters.  Peachy, off-white and soft pink hues are most universally flattering to all skin tones.  Blues and grays are typically “icy” colors and flow well for winter events.  If possible, steer clear of the standard color wheel (solid reds, greens, blues, etc.); softer shades of primary colors are much more flattering.

*If you’re on a tight budget, votive candles go a long way.  Candlelight casts a beautiful glow on guests’ faces and looks beautiful in photos.

*Timing is everything.  Although photographer demands on your wedding day can become exasperating, listen to your photographer when they say that they want to catch natural light.  Nothing beats a beautiful sunset shot.


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