Tip of the Day #31: Get Your Groom Involved

Tip of the Day #31: Get Your Groom Involved

Most grooms have a severe allergy to everything pink, frilly and frosted.  As girly as I am, I can’t blame men for dreading their necessary  involvement with wedding planning.  There is so much pressure put on a couple while planning a wedding and most grooms just want endless amounts of booze, great food and solid tunes at their wedding.

I was elated to discover Manly Wedding Blog — a humorous blog designed specifically for grooms who have an aversion to traditional wedding planning.  The key to MWB’s success is that it is in fact written from the perspective of a man who is in the process of planning his own nuptials.  I suggest checking out the post on “Wedding Theme Thursday” and brushing up on how to plan a zombie theme wedding with a Thriller dance thrown in for good measure.

Ladies, sometimes it can be refreshing to take a step back from the stress of poring over shades of ivory and managing guest lists.  Slow down the planning for a day or two, indulge your groom and get your zombie wedding on!  Remember, you are marrying your groom because of the silly, memorable times you have shared together so let your groom have a little fun with wedding planning.


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