Tip of the Day #7: Food Truck Mania

Tip of the Day #7: Food Truck Mania

I swear the frigid months of winter have made me possess an unnecessary obsession over food.  I am all about the comfort food — the higher caloric value, the better!  I have fallen victim to the food truck trend that has taken Manhattan by storm.  Every week or so my colleagues and I track our favorite food trucks through Manhattan and in search of the perfect afternoon treat.  To date, we have gotten cheesy at Gorilla Cheese, had melted ice cream drip down our wrists after visiting Coolhaus and popped cupcakes by the handful at Cupcake Stop.

I absolutely love the idea of surprising wedding guests with gratis goodies from a food truck at the end of the night.  I don’t know a soul in the world that doesn’t like a late night snack after spending hours getting down on the dance floor.  If there is an outdoor component to your reception or a food truck can set up shop in an empty parking lot as guests exit your reception, you will certainly leave a lasting memory that guests will talk about for months to come.  New York Magazine ran an article about a year ago detailing the best food truck finds in Manhattan.  Since 2010, countless other trucks have popped up and the food truck phenomenon has caught on in most major metropolitan cities.

If you are based in the New York area, some of my top recommendations are to serve up Kobe beef burgers from Frites N’ Meats, hot dumplings from Rickshaw Dumpling Truck and delicious summer treats from Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.   Happy eating!


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